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Louisiana Boil Crab

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Welcome To Louisiana Boil Crab

We would like to personally welcome you to Louisiana Boil Crab! We provide a unique dining experience for our guests and hope to have the pleasure of hosting you, as well as your friends and family!

Louisiana Boil Crab’s hand-held seafood integrates American country taste with traditional Szechuan spices to create a unique taste. What makes Louisiana Boil Crab even more unique is how you are able to create your own individualized experience. After you’ve decided what types of seafood you would like to indulge yourself in, our chefs will have your food cooked to perfection and placed in our specially designed seafood boil bags to be tossed in one of our mouthwatering seasonings. We have a vast selection of seafood to choose from, accompanied by our famous Louisiana Boil Crab house seasonings. We can’t wait for you to try our Asian-inspired, Louisiana style seafood boils. We’re confident after you’ve had a taste, you’ll be sharing your Louisiana Boil Crab story with all your friends!

6901 Security Blvd, Windsor Mill, MD 21244

Phone: (410) 277-8822

Phone: (410) 277-8829

Business Hours

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday - Thursday 11am - 10pm

Friday & Saturday 11am - 10:30pm

Temporarily closed Tuesdays

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